Introducing the person behind the camera...

Welcome! Thanks for stopping by to take a look at my childhood and family photography images.

I know I've already written a little about myself in my About section, but I thought I'd add a little more to introduce the person behind the camera. 

I believe it's really important that you pick the right photographer for you. Someone who you feel relaxed and comfortable with. Someone you know a little bit about. Enough to know whether you will be a good fit as a team, personality wise. After all, you're asking that person to step into your little world for a moment in time and capture the emotion and connection that exists within your family. 

So here goes! I'm originally from the UK. A little county called Devon, nestled in the South West of England. Beaches, countryside, chocolate box cottages, quaint little seaside villages and towns. Oh and Devonshire Cream Teas. Mustn't forget those. It's a beautiful part of England, and if you are ever over that side of the World, I highly recommend a trip to Devon.  

I arrived in New Zealand in 2006, on the last part of my solo round the world travels. I was only going to spend one month in the North Island and one in the South Island. But I met a charming Kiwi fella, and the rest is history! 

 Photo credit: Amanda Trayes

Photo credit: Amanda Trayes

I love New Zealand. The culture, the outdoor living, the beauty of the varied landscapes. I feel so lucky to be living here. I do miss family and friends though, and always will.

We relocated from Auckland to Hamilton in 2013. This is where my husband grew up and still has family and friends here. We lived in Flagstaff in Hamilton until 2016, when we bought a lifestyle property about 20 minutes out in the lovely Waikato countryside. I've been dreaming about living in the country for a long time and the right place popped up right when we weren't even thinking about moving! 

Family Photography

Now I get fresh eggs for breakfast from my hens. I love watching the wild ducks, kingfishers and Herons hanging out by our ponds, enjoy making 'moo cow' noises with my littlest daughter when she sees our neighbour's cows, and I keep persevering to get all our alpacas to eat from my hand... one down, two to go... talking of which. Here is Star, one of our Alpaca girls. Named by my eldest daughter. 

Star Family Photography

My eldest daughter is six (fast going on 16!) She's a major bookworm. As am I, when I get the chance. I love libraries. All that adventure, knowledge and inspiration under one roof! So I'm super happy that she enjoys reading so much. 

Child photography Childhood Photography
Child Photography Childhood Photography

She loves tutu style dresses and cute sparkly shoes (OK, so do I - and I just love photographing little ones in such magical dresses!) 

Childhood photography

My littlest is "butter wouldn't melt" sweet. She sure keeps me on my toes. Affectionately known as our little hurricane, and growing way too quickly. I love her chattering, her cuddles, how she twirls when I put a skirt on her, and the way she dances to music in the car.

Child portrait photos

Now, what else? I'm not too keen on tomatoes. But I love stinky cheese. I drink Earl Grey tea and too many cups of coffee. I'm a big fan of Coronation Street and Grey's Anatomy. And Netflix. Yes, we've recently fallen in a big way for Netflix binges. I really enjoy baking with my girls, only problem is I then have to eat it (which I also love to do, a bit too much!) Oh, and did I mention I love photography?! Specifically capturing the magic of childhood and families. Like yours... 

So there's a little more about me. If you book a session I'll send you a wee questionnaire to find out a bit about you before our shoot. Nothing hard or arduous, I promise!

Look forward to chatting soon,

Warmly, Hayley.