Baby E - Inhome Newborn Lifestyle Photography Session

S W O O N... This week I was so lucky to spend an hour or so with beautiful wee Baby E and her lovely mummy. She was so precious and was an absolute star in front of the camera. 

The great thing about in-home newborn lifestyle sessions is that mum and baby get to stay in the comfort of their own little sanctuary. No cramming things into a bulging nappy bag. No rushing around trying to get out of the door on time. No worrying about taking changes of clothing in case of spit-up. No stressing about when and where your baby will nap.

Instead, you get to be at home and relax while I capture the special moments of those early days. Where better to capture those moments than within the heart of family life. 

"But what about the mess??!!" I hear you say. Worry not, I know exactly what the early days of a newborn are like - the chaos and the calm, the dishes and the dust! It's totally ok and to be expected, so I don't want you rushing around and tiring yourself out by trying to clean!

Most photos will be shot close to a window, or on a bed or a sofa. Many will be close up shots. So I don't plan to focus in on any dishes in the sink or crumbs on the floor! You know what though, I actually think it builds a picture and tells your story of what the early days were like.

The only thing you will focus on when you see your photos is the beautiful face of your baby, and the love and connection between your family. x

If you want to find out more about an in-home newborn photography session, please feel free to get in touch and ask as many questions as you like. 

Hayley Maxwell