One week new - Sweet baby Ruby

Being invited into a family's home after the arrival of a new baby is a real privilege. It is a precious, fleeting moment that passes so quickly. I love photographing the connection between the family and baby, as well as baby on his or her own, so that the family can look back and remember how they were and how they felt at that moment in time. 

On a sunny autumn day, I spent a morning with wee Ruby and her lovely family. We started by taking some photos of Ruby and her doting big sister, before capturing some of Ruby having some time with Dad and then some snuggles with Mum.

We captured some sweet memories of the family enjoying time together, before taking a few of Ruby on her own. She was such a little star, happily cruising along before falling into a newborn slumber.

It was truly an honour to capture these memories for you. Thank you. x

Hayley Maxwell