Family lifestyle

My family lifestyle photography sessions are all about you spending time together while I capture your special connection. It's not just about capturing the smiles, it's about capturing who you are and how you feel at that moment in time.

Time passes us by so quickly, so slowing down and spending time together while I capture your family story gives you an opportunity to re-connect, to have fun, and to shower your little ones with love.   

During this session we will capture a range of family, parent/child, couple, sibling, and individual child shots. Sessions last between 60 to 90 minutes.


The arrival of a new baby is such a special and momentous time. It is also a precious, fleeting moment that passes so quickly. Babies change so much during those first weeks and months as they uncurl and stretch and become more awake and alert.

There's something truly special about being invited into a family's home to capture these early memories. The relaxed, cosy feel of a family so in-love with their sweet baby in their own environment is beautiful. And that's what I seek to capture. The story and magic of this wonderful moment in your world.

Sessions last between two to three hours to allow for plenty of feeding and snuggling time. We work at baby's pace. 


When it comes to childhood, there's beauty waiting to be captured in all sorts of moments. From the everyday to the special occasion. A new pair of shoes, a messy breakfast, a loving hug, a birthday extravaganza, playtime in the park, jumping in the waves, a precious dress, or a scruffy ted. These moments, big or small, mean the world to someone. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to capture them. 

Childhood sessions last approximately 60 minutes and focus primarily on capturing your little one(s) being who they are from a lifestyle photography perspective. I will capture a range of portraits, candid shots and detail shots, during our fun time together.

To get the very best light for your photos, it's best to take photos either early in the morning or later in the day, usually at sunrise or 90 minutes before sunset. This will give you a beautiful golden light that we can use to our advantage to enhance your photos and give them a wonderfully magical feel. For this reason I tend to limit my outdoor sessions to during these times.   

At in-home sessions I look for the best natural light spots in your home and we utilise this as much as possible.